Belleville Brewing Co. London

Beers from over there. Brewed over here.

We brew a range of U.S. style hand-crafted beers using top quality hops, malts and seasonal ingredients right here in south west London.


We currently have 15 beers in our range: four year-round beers and eleven seasonals.

Core Beers

Northcote Blonde - Pump Clip

Northcote Blonde

(Blonde and bubbly, but carries some weight.)

Year round

Crisp and fruity, golden and scintillating. This ale thinks it’s a lager, and with Galena, Crystal and Liberty hops from the US, it delights and confounds in equal amounts.

Malts Lager, Munich, Wheat, CaraPils, CaraGold
Hops Galena, Crystal, Liberty
Yeast Lager
Commonside Pale Ale - Pump Clip

Commonside Pale Ale

(Pale and interesting, but a bit on the wild side.)

Year round

Fresh as newly mown grass, golden and sparkling; the Nugget and Cascade hops from the Willamette and Yakima valleys of Oregon lie at the heart of this U.S. style Pale Ale.

Malts Pale, Low Colour, Light Crystal
Hops Nugget, Cluster, Cascade
Picnic Session IPA - Pump Clip

Picnic Session IPA

(Can-tastically hoppy.)

Year round

Eight different hops combine to give this easy-drinking IPA its citrusy-piney blast of aroma and palate-tingling bitterness. Drink all-day everyday.

Malts Pale, CaraMalt, CaraGold, Light Crystal
Hops Chinook, Equinox, Citra, ADHA-529, Mosiac
Thames Surf IPA - Pump Clip

Thames Surf IPA

(Radical hop waves. Wipe-outs a distinct possibility.)

Year round

This West-Coast IPA shimmers with warm copper tones from its pale and crystal malts, but break through the surface and you’ll find a wave of Centennial and Simcoe hops that crashes into your mouth.

Malts Pale, Munich, Light Crystal, CaraMalt, CaraGold
Hops Simcoe, Centennial, Chinook

Spring Beers

Thyme Square - Pump Clip

Thyme Square

(With quite a lot going on.)

March – May

From garden to glass this saison has it all. Barley, Wheat and Rye malts rustle and sway across your taste-buds while the herbs and hops combine to give this beer a harvest of aroma.

Malts Lager, Low Colour Pale, Munich, Wheat, Rye
Hops Crystal, Simcoe
Yeast Saison
Valley Blanche Hefeweizen - Pump Clip

Valley Blanche Hefeweizen

(Seriously off-piste.)

March – May

A blizzard of yeast gives this snow-capped wheat its banana and clove aroma. Crystal, Liberty and Mount Hood hops add spice and a mountainous floral bouquet.

Malts Pale, Wheat, Munich
Hops Crystal, Liberty, Mount Hood
Yeast Hefeweizen
Abbeville Whit(e) - Pump Clip

Abbeville Whit(e)

(Surreal but nice.)

March – May

A truly epiphanal moment awaits. Bravo hops for bittering and the holy trinity of Cascade, Centennial and Citra gives this Belgian Wit its heavenly aroma. Feel Blessed.

Malts Low Colour Pale, Lager, Wheat, Torrefied Wheat
Hops Bravo, Cascade, Centennial, Citra
Yeast Belgian

Summer Beers

Red Wheat N’ Blue - Pump Clip

Red Wheat N’ Blue

(Now, if only Violet Beauregarde had drunk this instead.)

June – August

The warm blush of summer ripples through this blueberry wheat IPA. Mosaic hops gently coax out the bursting berry flavor and the red hues of a summer sunset shine through the haze.

Malts Pale, Wheat, CaraGold
Hops Mosaic

Autumn Beers

Tie Dye Rye - Pump Clip

Tie Dye Rye

(Deliciously far out.)

September – November

A mind-altering alpha-acid trip thanks to those far-out Apollo hops and the crazy combo of Columbusl and Ahtanum. This rye IPA with its groovy orange tones will mellow you out. Dig those positive vibes.

Malts Pale, Rye, Dark Crystal, Red-X
Hops Columbus, Ahtanum, Eldorado

Autumn/Winter Beers

Calif-Oregon Amber - Pump Clip

Calif-Oregon Amber

(Cooler than a sunset drive down Route 101.)

September – February

A rich deep malty ale with the inner glow of a Californian self-help guru. A cool Pacific breeze from Magnum, Amarillo and Willamette hops help to give it the necessary zip.

Malts Pale, Munich, Dark Crystal, Biscuit
Hops Nugget, Willamette, Amarillo
Battersea Brownstone - Pump Clip

Battersea Brownstone

(Built like the proverbial: Solid, sturdy and reliable.)

September – February

An U.S. style Brown Ale; fruity and nutty with caramel and toffee from the chocolate and crystal malts, and a little spice from the Bullion and Cascade hops. Sounds like your favourite dessert!

Malts Pale, Medium Crystal, Dark Crystal, Wheat, Chocolate, Aromatic, Biscuit
Hops Bullion, Willamette, Cascade
Yeast English Ale
Balham Black - Pump Clip

Balham Black

(We’re on the high road to Helles and Bock.)

September – February

Dark and mysterious. This malty/hoppy American lager is bound for “the gateway of the mouth”. Mount Hood and Cascade hops splash across your tongue like a rainy day on the high road. Take a walk on the dark side.

Malts Pale, Munich, CaraMalt, Carafa Special 2, Carafa Special 3
Hops Galena, Mount Hood, Cascade
Yeast Lager
Pret a Porter - Pump Clip

Pret a Porter

(Ready to wear ... on your tastebuds.)

September – February

Layers of roasted, toasted and smoked malt form a blanket around your taste-buds. With every mouthful of this Porter comes a little more warmth to help you through the long dark Winter nights.

Malts Pale, Dark Crystal, Chocolate, Black, Smoked
Hops Goldings, Willamette

Winter Beers

Southie Stout - Pump Clip

Southie Stout

(From Wandsworth Common to Boston Common.)

December – February

A stout to warm and refresh. Rich and silky from the oatmeal and black as coal. US hops give it a wicked citrusy-herbal kick. Batter up.

Malts Pale, Oatmeal, Extra-Dark Crystal, Chocolate, Black, Roasted
Hops Golding, Centennial
Black N’ Brew - Pump Clip

Black N’ Brew

(High tea.)

December – February

More refreshing than a cuppa and a lot more fun. This Black IPA is bursting with Eldorado and Equinox hops and dry-hopped with Bellevue Early Grey tea.

Malts Pale, Light Crystal, Carafa Special 3
Hops Bravo, Citra, Eldorado
Other Earl Grey Tea
Months of production: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Core Beers Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Northcote Blonde Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Commonside Pale Ale Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Picnic Session IPA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thames Surf IPA Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spring Beers Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Thyme Square No No Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No
Valley Blanche No No Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No
Abbeville Whit(e) No No Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No Yes
Summer Beers Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Red Wheat N’ Blue No No No No No Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Autumn Beers Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Tie-Dye Rye No No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes No
Autumn/Winter Beers Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Calif-Oregon Amber Yes Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battersea Brownstone Yes Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Balham Black Lager Yes Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prêt À Porter Yes Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Winter Beers Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Southie Stout Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No Yes
Black N’ Brew Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No Yes


The Belleville Brewing Co. was set up by ten dads, all with children at Belleville primary school, south west London.

How did the brewery start?

“I suppose it all started with two words: ‘catchment’ and ‘area’. Something I didn’t think about when moving to south west London. When it was time for my son to go to school I soon realised that finding a school was going to be a challenge. The day before term started an offer came in from Belleville School. I was so relieved that I vowed to do as much for the school as possible.

A seed was planted when I heard that another school in the area had organized a beer festival as a fund-raiser. I put the idea to the PTA who whole heartedly agreed on an evening for the ‘dads’.

The day I collected the beer for the festival was an epiphany. I had grown up in Sussex drinking Harveys and King & Barnes and hadn’t realised what had happened to the brewing scene in my home county.

The success of the beer festival inspired me to start brewing myself. The kitchen became my brewery and I entered two of my own beers the following year. Several dads made encouraging remarks and Mark, our numbers man, came up with a plan. After a few false starts, we found Jaggard Way and Belleville Brewing Co. was born.”

Adrian Thomas, Owner, Director & Head Brewer
What’s our inspiration?

“I grew up drinking session bitters from the likes of Harveys in Lewes and King & Barnes in Horsham. Badger’s Tanglefoot and Exmoor Gold soon joined them as some of my favourite brews, but then something happened.

I found a shop in London that stocked the likes of Mickey’s Big Mouth, Pete’s Wicked, Brooklyn Lager and Sam Adams and was instantly hooked on American beer.

Having worked and holidayed a lot in the U.S. I have had a chance to drink my fair share of craft ales and it is these that I have sought to emulate when formulating the recipes and brewing the beers.

My first pumpkin ale was Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale from just outside San Francisco, and whenever I see Sierra Nevada’s Porter I will always buy a bottle. Low Ryeder from Sweetwater is a wonderful award-winning ale and Anchor’s Steam Beer is my go-to thirst quencher.”

Adrian Thomas, Owner, Director & Head Brewer
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Find out what’s happening at the brewery.

Belleville Brewing Beer Cans

Why do we can?

Cans don’t let light in, so the beer won’t suffer from “lightstruck.” Canned beer chills quicker and stays fresher for longer. Cans don’t break. They are safer in public areas like parks and beaches. Cans weigh less and their shape means they can be packaged much more easily. Shipping costs are reduced and that means […]

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Our beers are in and out of stock in various shops, restaurants and pubs, but these are a few our friends. Without them, you wouldn’t be enjoying our beers.

Out of the can

Hamish Johnston 48, Northcote Road, London SW11 1PA
We Brought Beer 28, Hildreth St., London SW12 9RQ
We Brought Beer 78, St. John’s Hill, London SW11 1SF
We Brought Beer Unit 17B Tooting Market, 21-23 Tooting High Street, London SW17 0SN
Bob’s Wines 29, Anerly Road, London SE19 2AS
Bob’s Wines 4, Sydenham Station Approach, London SE26 5EU
The Beer Boutique 134, Upper Richmond Road, London SW15 2SP
The Beer Boutique 517, Old York Road, London SW18 1TF
Warren Wines 56, Church St., Twickenham TW1 3NR
Bean & Hop 424-426. Garrett Lane, London SW18 4HN
The Wine Cellar Station Parade, Sanderstead Road, South Croydon CR2 0PH
Freshfields Market 86-88 Church St., Croydon CR0 1RB
Noble Green Wines 155, High St., Hampton Hill, Hampton TW12 1NL
Taylors Fine Wines 408, Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5PU
Majestic Wines Clapham, Battersea, Fulham, Wimbledon, Putney, Covent Garden, Dulwich
Terroirs 5, William IV Street, London WC2N 4DN
Soif 27, Battersea Rise, London SW11 1HG
Ekachai Unit 205, Upper Concourse, Southside Shopping Centre, London SW18 4TE
Toast Rack 314, Trinity Road, London SW18 3RG
Skylark Café Dorlcote Road, London SW18 3RT
Flotsam & Jetsam 4, Bellevue Parade, Wandsworth SW17 7EQ

On tap

Balham Bowls Club 7-9 Ramsden Road, London SW12 8QX
Hagen & Hyde 157 Balham High Road, London SW12 9AU
Powderkeg Diplomacy 147, St. John’s Hill, London SW11 1TQ
The Old Nun’s Head 15, Nunhead Green, London SE15 3QQ
The Sussex Arms 15, Staines Road, Fulwell, Twickenham TW2 5BG
The Kings Arms 25, Roupell Street, London SE1 8TB
Woody’s 8 Ram Passage, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1HH
The Red Lion 85, High Street, Thames Ditton KT7 0SF
The Exmouth Arms 1, Starcross Street, London NW1 2HR
The Merton Apprentice 14, Watermill Way, London SW19 2RD
The Queen’s Head 144, Stockwell Road, London SW9 9TQ
The Roebuck 50, Great Dover St., London SE1 4YG
The Avalon 16, Balham Hill, London SW12 9EB
The Althorp 20 Bellevue Rd, London SW17 7EB
The Ivy House 40 Stuart Road, Nunhead, London SE15 3BE
Magpie & Crown 128 High Street, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 8EW
The Euston Tap 190, Euston Road, Kings Cross, London NW1 2EF
The Abbeville 67-69 Abbeville Road, London SW4 9JW
The Union Tavern 52, Lloyd Baker St., Clerkenwell, London WC1X 9AA
The Wallington Arms 6, Woodcote Road, Wallington SM6 0NN
The Eagle 104, Chatham Road, London SW11 6HG
The White Swan Riverside, Twickenham TW1 3DN
The Red Lion 92-94 Linkfield Road, Iselworth, Middlesex TW7 6QJ
Sylvan Post Heron House, 24-28 Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 3XZ

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